The gods have spoken.


Yes, that strapping young lad on the left is TGO, and the man with the basketball is none other than the famous Angus. This is concrete proof that TGO is gay. And uncircumcised!

12 thoughts on “Proof

  1. I just spit out my Diet Pepsi. THANKS A LOT!

    I had a similar reaction. Except I CHOKED on mine.. And mine is Diet Cherry Pepsi.
    Are you TRYING to kill me Nicole? Because if you are, that makes me sad.

  2. *rawr*

    Ok I may be way off but I think that’s a football and that it’s one of the Barber’s aka Tiki or Ronde. Nonetheless, a wonderful adaptation.

    Secondly, my nickname would be Loony not Captain Psychosis, that’s what I call Michael Cohen, not the other way around. Kindly change that to Loony Lona or just plain Loony thank ya very much!

  3. uncircumsized but it looks like a terrified sausage that rolled back into itself. Daniel Radcliffe will be great in the sak once someone teaches him.

    Ooo Ooo, pick me!!!

  4. I’m not her. Sorry Jen but you’ve proven yourself quite the moron once again. And I think we all know who it is. After all, the whole world knows that harry potter sucks and only geeks with no social life enjoy it.

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