The Epic InsaneJournal Bitch Fight

Reformatted for YOUR entertainment!

Krystal: fuck off psycho and leave me alone already. I’ve reported your wordpress blog so it’ll be shut down within a few days. If this doesn’t stop then I AM going to the police. I am doing nothing wrong so why don’t you get off your mothers computer and get a fucking life? You are PSYCHOTIC.

Nicole: Hahaha. What police? The Internet Police? Just curious.

Krystal: It’s pretty pathetic that you find your mental disorder amusing. You don’t realize that I may have found your antics amusing in the past but I have now grown sick of it… way past sick of it to be honest and it is being dealt with. Good luck with that.

Nicole: I smell fear.

Krystal: On your end? Likely. Why would I fear you? Besides the fact that you are fucking crazy and obsessed with me. I am not doing anything wrong. Get a life.

Nicole: You seem kind of defensive. You clearly have a lot to hide. And also, dude… you are TOTALLY copying Sara Mangus. Please.

Krystal: How am I copying her and why would I want to? Because we have the same layout? As previously noted by my friend, my layout was up before hers. And it was made by ~africa and is being used by COUNTLESS other people on here. Nobody wants to be Sara Mangus so get the fuck over yourself. I have nothing to hide. I just want to be left the fuck alone. You have severe mental problems.

Nicole: So… why is your account name “demence” and hers is “dementia?” Is “demence” even a word?

Krystal: Maybe because my friend and I find it fucking amusing how much of a psycho she is and follows me around online? Kind of like you. This journal is closed. Good luck trying to find me nutcase.
Nicole: Hahahaha that makes no sense!

Krystal: It makes perfect sense to someone who doesn’t suffer from delusions like you do.

Nicole: Really? Explain again why you chose the word “demence” for your journal? You told me you weren’t copying Sara Mangus… and then… you said you WERE because you and a “friend” thought it would be funny. I mean, if you could clarify this, I’d totally understand and let you off the hook, man. It’s just that… you’re so stupid!

Krystal: I’m not copying her. She’s an ugly rat and no one is interested in her besides making fun of her nasty tits, hideous face, and pathetic life. You’re a freak of nature and an incredibly unintelligent one at that. See ya.

Nicole: Denial isn’t exactly logic. Do you know what logic is? Can you use it in a coherent sentence? Can you logically explain why you are the way you are?
Can you?
Come on. You can do it. Did you go to high school?

Krystal: Bye.

Nicole: Hahahahah what is this? Your new hate site? You practically just CONFESSED to me that you are crazy! Bye bye!

Krystal: This coming from someone who has 3 journals dedicated to me? Moron.
Also, I do not run the site. ~pwnyew does. Nice try though.
Bye psycho.

Nicole: Are you planning on having the last word by any chance?
Because I’m not gonna let it happen!
P.S. ~pwnyew is you.

Krystal: Nope I’m not. Although you’re providing a lot of entertainment for my roommate and I. Actually ~pwnyew is Megan and she lives in Vancouver. Keep trying. Epic failure you are.

Nicole: I don’t think your mother appreciates the fact that you are referring to her as your “roommate.”

Krystal: I wish I still lived with my mother (like you). Then I wouldn’t be so broke. Moron.

Nicole: You know, there are these things called “jobs” that give people not only this great thing called “income” but also a purpose in life. Maybe you could learn a valuable skill like burger flipping! Come on, Krystal. You have to find SOME purpose.

Krystal: I have a job. Unfortunately having to pay rent, school, utilities, debt, etc… causes me to be broke by the end of the month.
You’re so clueless it hurts.

Nicole: Aw I’m sorry Krystal! Don’t cry! Just marry rich! I’m sure you could find a husband. I think you’d have a better chance if you sold yourself online as a mail-order bride.
In the meantime, just keep whoring yourself on the street corner and eventually you’ll pay off all that debt you racked up on your mom’s credit card!

Krystal: Ok. You have issues. A life. Get one.

I’m so proud!

This concludes our announcement for today. Any updates on Krystal’s current location will be preferred. I’m driving up to Canada first thing tomorrow morning with a BB gun and some diapers, Lisa Nowak style.

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