Goodbye Cruel World

Friends, my intense adventure through my favorite series of tubes has gone awfully awry. You see, regrettably, the police have been alerted. This means I’ll have to shut down my blog and evacuate my home.

This is all thanks to Krystal’s alter ego and her other alter ego, who have succeeded in exposing me as Sara Mangus. Yes, it’s true. I am Sara Mangus. Cops, come and get me. I’m waiting.

I sense the spirit of Krystal in this blog…



Autopsy investigation is under way

For now, post-mortem results will be withheld until further notice. Cause of death is pending investigation.

A glimpse at Krystal’s corpse can be attained here.

Rest In Peace

The Epic InsaneJournal Bitch Fight

Reformatted for YOUR entertainment!

Krystal: fuck off psycho and leave me alone already. I’ve reported your wordpress blog so it’ll be shut down within a few days. If this doesn’t stop then I AM going to the police. I am doing nothing wrong so why don’t you get off your mothers computer and get a fucking life? You are PSYCHOTIC.

Nicole: Hahaha. What police? The Internet Police? Just curious.

Krystal: It’s pretty pathetic that you find your mental disorder amusing. You don’t realize that I may have found your antics amusing in the past but I have now grown sick of it… way past sick of it to be honest and it is being dealt with. Good luck with that.

Nicole: I smell fear.

Krystal: On your end? Likely. Why would I fear you? Besides the fact that you are fucking crazy and obsessed with me. I am not doing anything wrong. Get a life.

Nicole: You seem kind of defensive. You clearly have a lot to hide. And also, dude… you are TOTALLY copying Sara Mangus. Please.

Krystal: How am I copying her and why would I want to? Because we have the same layout? As previously noted by my friend, my layout was up before hers. And it was made by ~africa and is being used by COUNTLESS other people on here. Nobody wants to be Sara Mangus so get the fuck over yourself. I have nothing to hide. I just want to be left the fuck alone. You have severe mental problems.

Nicole: So… why is your account name “demence” and hers is “dementia?” Is “demence” even a word?

Krystal: Maybe because my friend and I find it fucking amusing how much of a psycho she is and follows me around online? Kind of like you. This journal is closed. Good luck trying to find me nutcase.
Nicole: Hahahaha that makes no sense!

Krystal: It makes perfect sense to someone who doesn’t suffer from delusions like you do.

Nicole: Really? Explain again why you chose the word “demence” for your journal? You told me you weren’t copying Sara Mangus… and then… you said you WERE because you and a “friend” thought it would be funny. I mean, if you could clarify this, I’d totally understand and let you off the hook, man. It’s just that… you’re so stupid!

Krystal: I’m not copying her. She’s an ugly rat and no one is interested in her besides making fun of her nasty tits, hideous face, and pathetic life. You’re a freak of nature and an incredibly unintelligent one at that. See ya.

Nicole: Denial isn’t exactly logic. Do you know what logic is? Can you use it in a coherent sentence? Can you logically explain why you are the way you are?
Can you?
Come on. You can do it. Did you go to high school?

Krystal: Bye.

Nicole: Hahahahah what is this? Your new hate site? You practically just CONFESSED to me that you are crazy! Bye bye!

Krystal: This coming from someone who has 3 journals dedicated to me? Moron.
Also, I do not run the site. ~pwnyew does. Nice try though.
Bye psycho.

Nicole: Are you planning on having the last word by any chance?
Because I’m not gonna let it happen!
P.S. ~pwnyew is you.

Krystal: Nope I’m not. Although you’re providing a lot of entertainment for my roommate and I. Actually ~pwnyew is Megan and she lives in Vancouver. Keep trying. Epic failure you are.

Nicole: I don’t think your mother appreciates the fact that you are referring to her as your “roommate.”

Krystal: I wish I still lived with my mother (like you). Then I wouldn’t be so broke. Moron.

Nicole: You know, there are these things called “jobs” that give people not only this great thing called “income” but also a purpose in life. Maybe you could learn a valuable skill like burger flipping! Come on, Krystal. You have to find SOME purpose.

Krystal: I have a job. Unfortunately having to pay rent, school, utilities, debt, etc… causes me to be broke by the end of the month.
You’re so clueless it hurts.

Nicole: Aw I’m sorry Krystal! Don’t cry! Just marry rich! I’m sure you could find a husband. I think you’d have a better chance if you sold yourself online as a mail-order bride.
In the meantime, just keep whoring yourself on the street corner and eventually you’ll pay off all that debt you racked up on your mom’s credit card!

Krystal: Ok. You have issues. A life. Get one.

I’m so proud!

This concludes our announcement for today. Any updates on Krystal’s current location will be preferred. I’m driving up to Canada first thing tomorrow morning with a BB gun and some diapers, Lisa Nowak style.