The gods have spoken.


Yes, that strapping young lad on the left is TGO, and the man with the basketball is none other than the famous Angus. This is concrete proof that TGO is gay. And uncircumcised!


Poor, poor darling TGO. He was so very kind enough to visit my humble webpage and read my oh so flattering post about how he is a closet homosexual! In order to “prove” that he is in fact “straight” he makes an entire entry on his blog about sports. It’s so cute.

Since I am an authorized Fag Hag, I can safely say that TGO is officially my New Best Friend of the Year.

…Sorry, Mom.

I send TGO a blessing of good fortune and much buttsex in his near future.


Alright! Let’s get this show on the road.

Some of you may be wondering, “Why doesn’t Nicole post that much when she obviously doesn’t have a life?”

Shocking! Right? Well, let me tell you, I was actually consumed with the intriguing hobby that is counting each and every hair on my arm.

Now that I’ve done that (I’ve got 4,670 hairs on my left arm) I can continue to stagnate in the steaming, poisonous cesspool that is the Internet.

And what do I find? First of all, Krystal has not posted anything, which completely ruined my day. Thanks, Krystal. Then I looked at darling TGO’s site, god bless his soul. That was entertaining for a while because he spent an entire post responding to various accusations. I do believe that man is a closet gay. I can’t wait to out him. It will be glorious.

Alas, overall, the day was boring. Even, which appears to be the new drama powerhouse, has just one mundane blurb. I am thoroughly dissatisfied. Thanks, everyone, for ruining my life.